What is the Social ComQuant Project?

Social Comquant is a European Commission-funded project that aims at developing computational and quantitative research methods in Turkey. This is a Twinning Project, in which two leading academic institutions in Europe, GESIS in Germany and ISI in Italy, are twinned with Koç University in Turkey in a three-year effort to establish an infrastructure to enhance teaching and research capacity in computational and quantitative social sciences in Turkey.

With the Social ComQuant Project, we are willing to establish a research community and network in Turkey and beyond which is composed of scholars with a common interest in computational and quantitative social sciences. With this in mind, we invite you to be part of this community by taking part in the activities offered by the Social ComQuant Project, which will provide an opportunity to enhance your methodological knowledge in computational and quantitative social sciences.

The Social ComQuant Project offers a platform composed of different activities that aim at developing methodological skills in computational and quantitative social sciences. Whether you are a student aspiring to an academic career or a senior researcher looking to expand your methodological knowledge —we have plenty of options for you. Please check out our activities!

Upcoming Workshops!

We are organizing a new series of workshops called 'Introduction to CSS methods with Python'

Upcoming: "New Workshop Series: Introduction to CSS methods with Python"

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