Social ComQuant Project partners GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences in Germany and ISI Foundation (Istituto Interscambio Scientifico) in Italy, which are leading institutions in Europe in the fields of computational and quantitative social sciences, will collaborate with Koç University for three years to promote research excellence in these domains in Turkey. For this aim, the project will organize a variety of workshops, along with other training activities. In these workshops, leading scientists from social sciences, computer science, mathematics, and physics will teach state-of-the-art CSS methods that are hallmarks of research in the field. They will provide extremely valuable training to both early-stage and senior researchers. The Social ComQuant Project will cover the cost of participation for the selected participants from Turkey for each workshop.

To take advantage of these opportunities and become an essential member of the network that we aim to build with researchers interested in computational and quantitative methods, apply now!

Do you know that we are organizing a new series of workshops called 'Introduction to CSS methods with Python'?

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