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(Workshop #16) Introduction to Digital Humanities




Workshop Details

Date: 5  May, 2023, Friday

Time: 13.00 – 16.00

Venue: Koç University, Rumelifeneri Campus, Lecture Room: SOS143
(NOTE: Please beware that the event’s format may be changed to ONLINE depending on the regulation changes announced by the Higher Education Council (YÖK)).

Workshop Language: English

Instructors:  Dr. Onur Engin


Session 1 (13:00-13:45)
A Brief Introduction to DH: Theories and the field (institutions / courses)

Session 2 (14:00-14:45)
An overview of selected projects

Session 3 (15:00-15:45)
Tools and resources


Course description

The Digital Humanities is a multidisciplinary field that utilizes innovative technologies to enhance
research in various fields such as literature, history, philosophy, languages, art history, religion, and
others. Building on the work of humanities scholars who have been using digital tools creatively for
decades, it has grown significantly in recent years with universities establishing new courses, certificate
programs, and centers for Digital Humanities. In addition to computational modeling and analysis of large
humanities data sets, the field also includes the study of the cultural impact of digital technologies across
various disciplines.

This workshop is intended for scholars, researchers, and humanities students who are interested in
incorporating Digital Humanities into their work. Instead of providing a step-by-step guide for specific
tools or skills, it offers a foundational framework for thinking about how these technologies can be
applied to various inquiries central to the humanities. By highlighting key projects in the field, the
workshop also aims to help participants understand why it may be beneficial to use these digital
technologies in their research and how they can lead to new and exciting ways of shaping and
addressing questions in their disciplines.

Target group

Master students, doctoral candidates, and experienced researchers



There are no requirements for this workshop.